Create, Test and Publish Apps

In order to successfully create an IOS App then follow the below suggested steps.


  1. Brainstorm app idea
  2. Sketch it (Napkins, whiteboards, chalkboards, etc) and then take a pic with your phone
  3. Create a Prototype of app and get feedback from friends, strangers, etc ( see )
  4. Development Process in Xcode
    1. Create New Project in Xcode
    2. Add needed views (if needed)
    3. Add needed class(s) for views (if needed)
    4. Add objects to views
    5. Add actions/outlets for all connections to  .h files
    6. Add needed delegates, arrays, variables to . h files
    7. Add code to .m files
    8. Test/debug using until ready for others to test
      • Connect iPad to test apps

        Steps 5-12 below are recommended but not required

  5. Side Load App for Testers. See link
  6. Create Github webpage for your app. I suggest separate repo for documentation, notes, and website.
    see example:
  7. Create Feedback site:
    see example:
  8. Create Facebook page to promote app even before it is published (right before getting ready to publish to App store)
    – post screenshots
    – get testers. Place link to github pages. see example:
    – post comments from testers
    – post version updates
    – promote app when published
  9. Let testers test (30 days)
  10. Fix issues
  11. Publish App to Apple Store (see
  12. Get App Stats: