iPad Apps


  • Kindle – all books and magazines
  • iBooks – Apple specific books and magazines
  • iTunes U – Must have app. Any teacher can now create an iTunes U Course on iTunes and share with their students who have an iPad. Download courses from around the globe for free
  • Rosetta Stone – Learn any language
  • Udemy – Free and paid courses
File Storage
  • Box – 5gb Free
  • Cubby – Developed by LogMeIn. 25gb Free
  • DropBox – Must have file storage for iPad. 5 gb Free
  • PogoPlug – Cool new file sharing service. 5 gb Free
  • VitalSigns – Awesome app that takes your vitals by video recording you breathing
  • Vevo HD – Watch the latest music video from your fav music icon
  • Songza – I have grown to love this app. Pick a mood and hit play.
  • Pandora – Good free music app
  • Mixlr – record and stream audio presentations
  • QuickVoice Pro  – record voice, voice to text and send via email
  • iHeartRadio – listen to radio stations from every State


  • Notability – full featured word processing note taking app
  • Paper – fluid drawing app with cool brushes and tools to choose from
  • Penultimate – excellent freehand note-taking app
  • ColorSplash – Make part of the photo black and white. Example: Kim Anderson
  • iPhoto – Must have if you take tons of photos
  • iMovie – Edit and package movies on your iPad
  • Action Movie – create a preview movie about an upcoming concept your covering in class
  • SloPro – slow down video playback. Coaches could use to critique and improve moves.
  • Netflix – watch movies
  • YouTube – watch funny cat videos
  • Pixlr Express PLUS – simple photo editing app
  • Toon Camera – toonify your photos
  • PS Touch – Photoshop for the iPad
  • Adobe Ideas – Vector drawing program
  • Explain Everything – Record podcasts of PDF, Powerpoint, Keynote, images, drawings, etc and share via YouTube, Google drive, Photos.
  • Screen Chomp – Record whiteboard and share via YouTube
  • SyncPad – Share whiteboard screen with anyone with web browser and internet connection
  • ShowMe – Record whiteboard and share via YouTube
  • AirSketch –  Share whiteboard screen with anyone with web browser and intranet connection
  • ReplayNote –  – Record whiteboard and share via YouTube
  • Teacher Clicker – Create polls and quizzes
  • Keynote – Apples version of MS PowerPoint
  • iAnnotate – Powerful PDF Markup Tool
  • WritePDF – PDF editor that allows to create hyperlinks and much more
  • DocsToGo – Good MS Office App
  • CloudOn – The best MS Office App
  • Pages – Create cool documents
  • Numbers – Apples version of MS Excel
  • EverNote – View most file types
  • GoodReader – Must have reader
  • LogMeIn – remote into your Mac or PC from the iPad
  • Facetime – remote video conference for interviews, conference calls, or guest speaker for class (built-in app)
  • WritePDF – edit PDF documents easily
  • BrainStorm – whiteboard with sticky notes
  • Moxtra – create binders that you can share. Create live sessions. Record and save sessions.
  • MindNode – mind mapping app.
  • WolframAlpha – Way cool app to find out just about anything. The brains behind SIRI.

Social Media

  • Scan – Must have to scan QR codes
  • Hokusai – Edit your own sounds for your videos or even ringtones
  • AppStart – find out about the latest Apps for all categories
  • iZip – unzip files people email you
  • Yelp – discover and read reviews about local businesses around you. Try monicle!
Web Browsers
  • Puffin – The only browser you need to view flash websites
  • Chrome – Google making Safari look terrible
Web Development
  • Koder – IDE for web developers