How to share your Apps over Air for Testers

How to share your Apps over Air for Testers

Get UDID of iOS Devices

  1. Have users visit
  2. send UDID to
  3. Developer – add new UDIDs to team on Apple Dev

1) Refresh Provisioning Profiles from XCode.

1. Xcode > Preferences > Account > View Details > Refresh (button)

2. Close out of Xcode Preferences

3. Select Project > General > Team [Rock Valley College (Computer Information Systems)

4. Test and Compile with Simulator

2) Share app with SideLoading

  1. See

3. Install AppSender & send to testers

  1. Visit
  2. Download and install app
  3. Click on AppSendr > Select App > Select .ipa file from project folder aon Mac Desktop that was created during Sideloading (prior step)
  4. Send link URL to testers OR Create Webpage with QR Code(See steps 5 and 6)
  5. Create Dynamic QR code with appsendr URL.
  6. Create Github webpage for your app. I suggest seperate repo for documentation, notes, and website.
    see example: See how to create a webpage with GitHub: (Links to an external site.)


4) Update your GitHub webpage (see below) with the Over the Air installation URL

5) Direct testers to your project website (see below) to install your app. Student/ Faculty will then click on the “Install” link on the website.

Project Sites on GitHub

One of your TEAM members must create your page with project description, etc. as
soon as possible. To edit site content one of your TEAM members go to your repository > set- tings > automatic page generation. Make sure and save after you edit your page. It takes about 10 minutes to update page.