Connect to Rock Valley College with MyCIS

The CIS Division of Rock Valley College developed this app to help connect current, past, and future students to Course offerings, CIS videos, CIS news, and connecting students to advisors.

Take secure, location tagged photos with Cool Drop Photo

Cool Drop Photo allows you to take a photo, caption it, then save as a .png and pdf file to your Dropbox folder. The photo is saved as a .png picture format. The PDF has your photo with caption and a hyperlink to the photos geo coordinates.. The iOS device photo library is not utilized.

Wear multiple hats? MyDesks is for you!

In life, we have multiple desks in which we work from. This app simulates these desks and allows you to create multiple virtual desks. Each virtual desk has its own yellow pad "Task" list in which one can set due dates along with the task information that can be set to active or complete. In addition, each desk has its own custom menu in which you can add websites you visit while at your selected desk.

Tired of your worn out hair? Let J Style give you a new look!

I was doing my hair one morning and Papa told me I had a cool "J Style". I asked Papa if other kids would like this hair style and he said yes! So, we built this app so whether your young or old you can have a J Style!

Need help selecting Computer Science Courses? Get College Memory Maze

Objective: Complete game and receive personalized website of YOUR college path emailed to you immediately! Created by Rock Valley College, Mobile App Development Students!

Save time at next meeting or class. Get My Attendance App

The "MyAttendance App" saves time in meeting/class by having attendees present QR badges to app in order to "Check-In". The "MyAttendance App" generates QR badges and emails to all attendees prior to meeting/class. Custom attendance reports can also be emailed with the tap of a button. App Help

App Help

1) Register for FREE
2) Start MyAttendance app
3) Go to "Admin" tab & accept connection to Dropbox
4) Create roster for class or meeting using Notepad (Windows) or Notes (Mac).
  a. Roster file name: [group/classname].txt
      (example: cis111.txt)
  b. Roster format: email, last name, first name
      One line per member (no spaces, special characters).


5) Upload [group/classname].txt to       [Dropbox>app>myattendance/]
6) In "Admin" tab create Group name
      [Group Name] > "Create New Group"
      example: cis111
7) IMPORT Roster: Tap "Import". The app will create and email QR Codes to members and add group to app database
Tap "Home" > Choose Group > Tap "Check-In"
9) Questions? email

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