New App: Caught Doing Good!

We are bombarded on a daily basis with news of folks caught doing bad things. Where is the news of folks being caught doing good? With that concept in mind, Professor Chuck Konkol of Rock Valley College, created the app simply named “Caught Doing Good“. The app is designed to capture folks doing good.

Here is how it works. Once app is open, user tap the “tap to catch doing good” image, select Video or Camera to capture and document the moment and that’s it! In addition, the app saves the geo location of the”Caught Doing Good” event. After the “Caught Doing Good” event is captured, further editing of event title, and description are allowed. In addition, besides being able to view photo or video of event users can view map with exact location of where event occurred. Finally, the “Caught Doing Good” event can share on Facebook or Twitter for all the world to see!

“Caught Doing Good” will soon be available for the iPhone in the app store! Follow @professorgeek on Twitter for news of release date!