Welcome Connections Conference Attendees!

Thanks for attending my “Teaching with the iPad” Session! I enjoyed our chats post session!

Connections Conference 2015. “Teaching with iPad” session.
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  • Free Online Course I created for Teachers:
  • Free iBook
    • Teaching with the iPad
      badge_appstore-lrgAs an educator and power user of the iPad I have taught teachers for years on how to use the iPad in the classroom. The iPad has revolutionized the ways teachers deliver lectures, display whiteboard activities, deliver quizzes and polls and start group discussions. This book gives real-life examples of how to begin “Teaching with the iPad”. These examples are brought to life by short screen-casts describing and displaying the use of multiple iPad applications. In addition, the book ends with a list of suggested iPad applications listed by categories. These categories range from classroom presentation applications to productivity applications.

      My hope is that this book gives the teacher some tools to began using the iPad in the classroom and begin “Teaching with the iPad”.

  • Apps I have created. Thanks for downloading apps!
    • MyDesks
      badge_appstore-lrgIn life, we have multiple desks in which we work from. This app simulates these desks and allows you to create multiple virtual desks. Each virtual desk has its own yellow pad “Task” list in which one can set due dates along with the task information that can be set to active or complete. In addition, each desk can have its own custom menu in which you can lauch websites you visit while at your selected desk.
    • CoolDropPhoto
      Cool Drop Photo allows you to take a photo, caption it, then save as a .png and pdf file to your Dropbox folder. The photo is saved as a .png picture format. The PDF has your photo with caption and a hyperlink to the photos geo coordinates.. The iOS device photo library is not utilized.
    • MyAttendance (coming soon)
      This app takes attendance via a QR code that is on student phone or badge. The app allows teachers to import list of students from roster file, then creates and emails a unique QR code to each student. In the email students are directed to save the QR code to their phone or print out and bring to class.When students come into the class they show their QR code to the app. A log file is created that saves classname, studentname, date and time.The log file can then be sent to your email. In addition, a report screen can be searched for a specific course/date and viewed on iPad screen.The app has been used for group meetings as well as classroom attendance for over 2 years.

      If you want to test this app for free email me at ckonkol@gmail.com

  • Thanks to those of you who showed interest in testing this app and future educational apps! I will be contacting you soon!