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Fall 2014 Courses Overview:

Saturday August 2nd 7-7:30pm, Sunday August 3rd 7-7:30pm (See

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The below courses still have openings for the Fall 2014 semester! If you have any questions about a course I am teaching please email If you have already enrolled for one of the below courses I will be sending you a welcome email in the next week. Please share this email.

Thanks, Prof Chuck Konkol

Fall 2014 Courses I am Teaching: 

PCT110 – Intro to Networking
Course meets Thursday 7:25-10:00pm
Student learn the basics of computer networking. Hands on labs are offered each week to build student skills immediately. Internships are also offered for students taking this course.

PCT130 – Intro to Network Security
Course meets Tues/Thur 4:30-5:45pm
Students learn the basics of network security through discussion and weekly hands-on labs. Internships are also offered for students taking this course.

Web225 – Digital Photography
Course meets Tues 7:30-10:15pm
Students learn the basics of digital photography. A basic point and shoot or DSLR camera is required to take the course. Students learn how create a photo and video portfolio.

Mobile App Development Course – CIS280
This course can be taken face to face, online, or both.
Class meets Monday 4:30-7:25. If you want to take this course online then email me after registration. All students get an iPad Mini to use for the semester along with the $99 development license waived. I recommend signing up for this quickly before it fills up. Internships are also offered for students taking this course.

CIS180 – Intro to Visual Basic
Course meets online.
Students learn how to create windows apps starting in week 1. No programming skills or experience necessary.